The Benefits Offered by Dental Crowns From a Clinic in River North

If you are experiencing dental issues and are wondering if crowns can be a viable solution for you, the answer is most definitely a yes! In fact, there are many benefits that people experience when they make the decision to get dental crowns in River North.


If your tooth is currently suffering from decay, one way to offer it protection is to place a crown on it. The dentist will scrape out any decayed matter and then put the crown on the tooth with the cavity. This is especially useful if the tooth is in a weakened state.


Many times there can be a tooth that is severely discolored that cannot be corrected by bleaching. This can include, but not be limited to, teeth that are discolored by antibiotic use, other medicinal use, or even genetics. A bright white crown can be placed on the tooth so that the color is much more pleasing to the patient.

Broken Tooth

If you have a tooth that has broken off or that is severely worn down, then dental crowns from River North can definitely be what you need to correct the issue. The crown will look and feel just like a brand-new tooth.

Root Canals

While root canals can definitely save a tooth, they also need a procedure to make the tooth whole again. This is where getting a crown comes into play. You will not lose any biting or chewing power after getting a crown.

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