The Benefits Of Process Weighing Systems

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

In large-scale food and beverage production and many types of chemical processing facilities, the final product has to be consistent with every batch and even between processing facilities located in different areas of the country or around the world.

A company’s reputation is staked on the quality and consistency of each and every product from their line, so finding ways to build in a consistent system for production is critical. One of the most important aspects of consistency is to get rid of the risk of inconsistency in measuring the ingredients.

Measuring using volume types of measurement can be inaccurate for many different reasons. Therefore, in all types of process weighing including batching and blending, companies use automated and electronic scales that are calibrated to be accurate, consistent and reliable.

Multiple Weighing Options

With the relatively low cost of process weighing equipment, both large and small production lines may use weighing at several points in the production process. With multiple weighing points, it’s easy to track the production consistency and to identify any areas where there may be inconsistencies or variations outside of the pre-selected acceptable parameters.

With new technology, process weighing equipment can be networked to the process control system, collecting data and allowing for real-time assessment and analysis. This can also be an ideal option for a company that is looking for ways to maximize efficiency as even slight variations can be adjusted immediately, making it much easier to have a big picture view of where there may be waste or inefficiency within the operation.

Finally, it will be critical in food and beverage production areas, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing, to be able to use equipment that can stand up to washdowns as regulated by the industry. This is one very essential consideration that separates typical weighing systems from those designed specifically for the beverage and food production use.

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