The benefits of master key systems in your commercial property

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Locksmith

Commercial master key systems are the favored choice for many commercial properties. They create a complete key system that allows only the manager or business owner to have access to particular rooms. This complex system is the solution to enhanced security in your commercial property. When you are looking for a locksmith to install master key systems, it helps to consult with an experienced professional who can provide the right solutions. They are there to help businesses get the fully secure locks they need in place.

How do master keys work?

Master key systems are usually typified by a round ring with many different sized keys attached to it. This giant ring of keys opens several different doors inside of the commercial property. The master key system is designed in such a way that only those who know which key goes to which door will be able to unlock it. It creates limited access to certain employees and provides a complex system by which the different doors are completely secured and protected at all times.

The advantages of master key systems include:

Security: The main advantage of master key systems is the security they provide. Certain keys can be given to certain individuals over others to ensure that they are able to prevent unauthorized usage of the buildings. This is also an ideal way to prevent undesired tampering with the electrical components of the building or other restricted areas.

Easy to implement: Unlike a card access system which requires electric strikes and other more complex components, master key systems are much easier to implement. The keys can be easily made by a local, professional locksmith.

Safe to use: Master key systems are safe to use since if they are lost, it would be difficult for the person who finds them to know which key is which.

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