The Benefits Of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

In the not too distant past, the cost of operating a dedicated server was cost prohibitive for many businesses. Having a server in-house for a business requires specific power supplies, network connections, cooling and temperature control, and also security to protect the server. Even with all of these issues in place, physical damage to the server or server failure could take the entire company offline for an extended period of time.

A Better Solution

A company may require a private server for security reasons or computing resource requirements. Rather than maintaining the server in-house, choosing a managed dedicated server hosting service provides a more workable and cost-effective service.

Top managed dedicated server hosting companies provide turnkey solutions for businesses. This includes selecting the operating system, the server configuration, security protocols, databases, storage, and other factors that are the right fit for the business.

The hosting company installs and configures the server and manages all the connections to the network. The server is located in its secure data center, and the physical hardware is managed and maintained by on-site technicians and engineers. This means it is in a constantly monitored and temperature-controlled environment, and any repairs or potential issues with the server are managed for the business, ensuring optimal uptime based on the Tier level of the data center.

The managed dedicated server hosting company also provides server set-up, configuration, system maintenance, and ongoing, proactive monitoring, updating, and tech support, allowing the business to focus its efforts on expansion and growth.

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