The Benefits of a Hand Weeder

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Landscaping

Simple gardening tools make all the difference in the world. When it’s time to clean up the weeds in your garden, it’s best to use a hand weeder to help with the job. Here are some of the benefits that a weeder can provide.

Better Posture

Gardening tools extend your limbs and provide leverage, which makes the job easier. With a hand weeder, you can maintain better posture and perform larger jobs using less energy. Curved heads with knife-like blades are even better for extension, digging and leveraging the soil. Long handled weeders are another option that allow you stand while weeding.

Easy Digging and Pulling

Small weeds can be pulled gently with your hands, but larger weeds tend to break at the leaves, leaving the roots firmly intact. With a hand weeder, you can cut down your weeding time by accessing the deep root system.

Try this technique: With one hand, gently grab the leaves and stem in a cluster. Do not pull hard or you may simply rip the leaves off without the roots. If the leaves are spikey, try to grab lower down underneath the spikes or use gloves or a towel to protect your hand. In your other hand, insert the weeder behind the root system and dig into the soil. Pull the root system toward you while simultaneously pulling the weed, and the entire plant should completely dislodge from the soil.

Older weeds with thick roots can be challenging to pull. Be sure to loosen the soil around the root so you can get a closer grip. Use your weeder to brush the soil out of the way or make a few “incisions” around the plant before digging in.

Overall, a hand weeder makes cleaning up your garden easy and fun. If you have a lot of weeding to do, make sure you use proper grip and posture to make efficient use of your time without breaking your back.

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