The Basics of Termite Pest Control in Texas

In Texas, three types of termites are common. They are the burrowing Formosan Subterranean, the nesting Southeastern Drywood and the Desert Dampwood Termite. All can cause serious damage, however, only the first two pose a serious threat to your home. To prevent this in places such as termite pest control services in Longview TX are in demand. 

Treatment Methods

To treat termite infestations, pest control companies may employ any of the treatments mentioned below:

  1. Termiticides: This is in liquid poison. It is applied directly to the soil around your residence or other wooden structures. It can also be placed into the affected wood of the building. 
  2. Poisoned cellulose baits: These poisonous baits are placed throughout the home. They attract termites. They then take the poison back to the nest and effectively kill off all its inhabitants.
  3. Fumigation: The resident is fumigated using a strong gas. To be effective, it may be necessary to tent the entire residence. It is invasive and requires everyone who lives in the house to move and stay elsewhere for several days. 

The method employed by your chosen termite pest control company will reflect the seriousness of the problem as well as the type of infestation.

Employing Termite Pest Control Services

If you live in Texas, termites can destroy your home and other buildings. While some pests can be handled by amateurs, this is not true for termites. Only someone experienced in the latest methods in termite control can help you stop the destructive invasion of termites.