The Awe-Inspiring Healing Effects of PRP, Radiofrequency Ablation and Physical Therapy in Crestview FL for Debilitating Physical Impairments

Orthopedic services deal with abnormalities and complications in the functions of the skeletal and muscular system. Rehabilitative intervention incorporates controlled forms of physical therapy, conservative methods for managing pain and surgical and non-surgical procedures to heal the source where pain is derived from.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in Crestview FL is a breakthrough achievement in health science. It enables the body to heal itself like never before. Platelets are an element of the blood that creates clots to stop a wound or cut from bleeding. Platelet Rich Plasma in Crestview FL uses the patient’s own blood and takes it to a lab to be refined. Proteins and other elements in the blood that promote healing are conditioned into a concentrated form. The enhanced plasma is then injected into the affected area. It heals injuries and degenerative musculoskeletal disorders. Since it substantially enhances natural healing properties, it’s capable of rehabilitating the ailing part of the body by curing the source and symptoms of the condition.

Radiofrequency ablation is one treatment to allay severe pain originating from the spine. It deadens the nerves that cause pain. Patients with pain in the back that radiates to the neck or any connective part of the spine can be relieved with radiofrequency ablation. A small needle with an electrode on the end sends heated electrical currents to the nerve. Pain signals are numbed and unable to send messages to the brain. It has effects that can be compared to open surgery without the complications that may arise from it.

When there is foot discomfort, walking can be a chore. Plantar fascia is a part of the foot composition that is located on the sole. It has properties like a tendon and supports the foot’s arch. It is a complex structure that has separate fibers interlacing like threads. When the tissues of this structure is stretched and put under excessive forces of weight repeatedly, it can create tiny tears in the tissue. Those with plantar fascia tears experience pain after it has healed and formed scar tissue. The scar tissue is rigid and isn’t nearly as pliable as unscarred tissue. Physical therapy for this condition at Panhandle Orthopaedics involves stretches that increase flexibility in those muscles. Orthopedic shoes and anti-inflammatory drugs make the pain manageable. An electrical stimulation procedure can be done for those who experience grievous pain.