The Advantages of Working with a Probate Lawyer in Bremerton, WA

by | Dec 9, 2022 | Web Listingz

Many people, whether they’re extremely wealthy or have a great deal of assets to disseminate to beneficiaries try to avoid the probate process as much as possible. This can be done for estates that don’t meet certain financial criteria, and it can also be done for people who have established a trust. However, if a person’s estate is destined for the probate process, naming a probate lawyer in Bremerton, WA to handle the eventualities of the probate process after a person has passed away is wise.

There are many benefits to naming a probate attorney ahead of time. The first benefit is helping to speed along the probate process. Unfortunately, probate, a process where a person’s estate is valued, taxes are paid, debtors are repaid and a person’s last will and testament can then be executed, can take a fairly lengthy amount of time. It’s a governmental court process, so that gives a person an indication as to just how slow this process can be. Any way to speed it up is welcome, and naming a probate attorney ahead of time means that the person’s estate won’t have to wait until a government appointed probate attorney is secured.

Hiring a probate lawyer in Bremerton, WA also helps whoever is going to be the executor of a person’s estate. Many times, a decedent will name an individual to execute their estate and disseminate assets pursuant to a last will and testament. The person named is oftentimes a spouse, sibling or perhaps a child.

This is all good and well, but these people may not be familiar with the probate process. In these instances, the probate attorney that was retained can work with the executor to guide them through the complicated probate process. This can speed things along and get the estate through the probate process quicker than normal.

Whether you’re thinking about naming a probate attorney as the executor of your estate, or you want the probate attorney to work with a family member whom you named the executor of your estate, making these arrangements ahead of time is the better option. It will help make the probate process go smoothly and a bit faster than normal.

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