The Advantages Of Choosing An Automatic Hand Dryer

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Business

Dryers are an excellent addition to any company because they allow the hands to be dried without ever touching a paper towel or button. An automatic hand dryer is considered the best option by many because it is more sanitary and easier to use. Likewise, they can be cost-effective when compared to paper towels. Understanding the benefits of purchasing one for the restrooms can help you make an informed decision.


Most companies are focused on the bottom line, which means how much money they put out as compared to what they bring in. If you purchase 90 cases of paper towels and use them in one year, you will spend over $2,000 a year for the paper products you need (which does not include toilet paper). However, the cost to operate an automatic hand dryer is about $96 a year, which means you can save your company almost $2,000. In about a year, you’ll have paid off your purchase and, from then on, will be saving money without any initial cost.


Several studies have shown that an automatic hand dryer is better for hygiene than paper towels and touch-button dryers. While some people argue, it’s no doubt that there is less trash, which means fewer germs. Likewise, the warm air may kill most of the bacteria that the soap didn’t kill. You may also get drier hands with dryers than with paper towels.

No-Touch Ease

The primary benefit of the automatic hand dryer is that you don’t have to touch it at all. Sensors are down toward the bottom of the machine and will notice when hands are placed there. It will kick on automatically, which means the customer or employee doesn’t have to press a button first to get the warm air.

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