The ABC’s Involving Non-surgical Fat Removal Naperville

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Health

A majority of people dread going under the scalpel for both cosmetic and medical needs. Thanks to modern technology, the cosmetic industry provides fat removal solutions that don’t require downtime, surgery, or scars. Read on to learn more about the various treatment options under this loop.

Types of non-invasive fat reduction treatments

The FDA approves the following non-surgical fat removal Naperville treatments.


It utilizes cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells and stop fat production, eventually reducing the fat pockets. Your cosmetic surgeon will run a paneled device over the target area without cutting through the skin. The tissues in the targeted area will remain unharmed.


Also known as laser treatment, it utilizes heat as the primary mode of fat reduction. This non-surgical fat removal Naperville treatment concentrates a particular laser wavelength through the skin, where it heats the fatty tissues until the fat cells break down. Your cosmetic surgeon will apply a constant cooling mechanism to ensure that your skin and tissues on the target area aren’t harmed.

Deoxycholic acid

The compound occurs in the human body naturally. Deoxycholic acid is primarily used in breaking down fat during digestion. It is found in an injectable form and normally recommended in reducing a double chin. Practitioners will administer local anesthesia for enhanced comfort.


Ultrasound technologies can be used to reduce fat through the use of highly focused sonic waves. These waves penetrate the skin to the fat pockets, immensely breaking them down. The treatment is often intended for use on the lower part of the body, particularly the abdomen.

All these options mentioned discussed above are some form of non-surgical fat reduction treatments. They have little to no downtime after treatment and no scars. Are you exploring your options on reducing fat deposits? Visit Center For Cosmetic & Laser Surgery today to see your options. You could also contact us to schedule an appointment with the experts.

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