The 4 essential qualities of a good CBSE Home Tutor Mumbai

An excellent tutor needs to have specific attributes to make the tutoring session interesting for the students. He paves the way for the success of the pupil. He establishes a good relationship with the student and understands the psychology of the concerned individual so that the lessons can be simplified according to the student’s needs. Here are some of the essential qualities of an excellent tutor:

  • Versatility: A good tutor adapts himself according to the needs of his students. He knows that each ward is unique and all of them have different learning capacities. Therefore, he simplifies the lessons according to requirements of the child. The CBSE Home Tutor Mumbai strictly follows the guidelines of the NCERT syllabi and puts his experience to use accordingly. He may even employ different methods to teach the same lesson to different students.

  • Availability: The tutor should be available to solve all the queries of the students while analyzing their problems critically. Having a friendly relationship with the students, encouraging them to open up and getting the questions solved shall go a long way in achieving the desired goals.

  • Interpersonal skills: The tutor should be energetic during the tutoring session and enthusiastic about the entire teaching-learning process. He should be a role model to his students. An excellent tutor is a motivator. He encourages the students to do well by laying stress on all the weak points and helping them improve, ultimately aiding them in achieving their curricular targets.

  • Acceptance: An excellent tutor is bold enough to accept that he doesn’t know a specific answer rather than guessing random answers. If the tutoring sessions are not producing the desired effect on the student, he should reconsider himself and admit the fact that he may not be the right person for the student.

Brilliant Tutors Academy believes that since education is the investment of a lifetime, an excellent home tutor should guide the student in the right directionto achieve his goals. A premium tutor is both patient and persistent. He encourages his students to overcome their weaknesses and use their strengths to accomplish their goals. He teaches them to accept failure and work hard to overcome it altogether.