Tasks Completed by a Crime Scene Cleaning Company From Oregon

Several professionals have a hand in cleaning a crime scene and dealing with the aftermath of the event. These include police officers, counselors for the family, and technicians who clean the scene. Here are a few details that are often performed by a crime scene cleaning company in Oregon.

Meeting With Family

One of the first things that technicians will do when they arrive at the scene is to meet with family members and officers to see how they can help. The technicians will then view the scene to determine the supplies that are needed to clean the area safely. Technicians will work to determine if items need to be thrown away or if cleaning supplies can be used instead.

Blocking the Area

The technicians will usually block off the area so that no one can enter while the scene is cleaned. This is to keep others safe from any possible biohazards and to prevent the spread of those same biohazards to other areas of the building.


Technicians will wear protective gear, including respirators, gloves, and fitted suits to prevent fluids and materials from getting onto the skin and clothes. Some of the items that are often used during the cleaning process include mops, bleach, spray bottles with unique solutions that can detect blood, and air fresheners.


After the work is complete, a crime scene cleaning company in Oregon will properly dispose of any furniture and other materials so that they are no longer in the building. They will also remove any flooring and pieces of wall that have saturated fluids on them.

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