Taking Care of Upholstered Furniture

Most people have some form of upholstered furniture in the home but in some cases may be worried about how best to look after and maintain this type of furniture. The good news is that it is quite simple to maintain upholstery and it doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of time either. You can keep your upholstered furniture looking great with some simple yet effective steps.

Some tips that can help

There are a number of tips to bear in mind when it comes to upholstered furniture for your home. This includes:

1. Make sure you select the right fabric for your needs: You should take your lifestyle and usage levels into account when selecting a suitable fabric, as this can have an impact on its longevity and its condition over the longer term. If you intend to use the furniture a lot, opt for synthetic fibres and if you have pets don’t go for heavily textured fabrics.

2. Clean up spillages immediately: We can all have accidents and you may spill things on your furniture. However, rather than hoping that the fabric protectors that may have been used will stop the spill from soaking in, get the spill cleaned up right away. Also make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions with regards to the cleaning products you can and cannot use on the fabric.

3. Vacuum regularly: You should aim to vacuum your upholstered furniture around once a week to remove any debris from the surface. This can help to stop it from becoming embedded in the fibres of the fabric.

4. Select the right position: Sunlight can have a damaging effect on furniture, as it can cause the fabric to fade and start to look worn more quickly. It is therefore a good idea to make sure you place your upholstered furniture in a suitable position so that it is not exposed to excessive sunlight.

5. Get it professionally cleaned: Another thing you should do is call on professionals to clean your upholstered furniture on a periodic basis, such as every couple of years. This will help to restore its original beauty and give it a new lease of life.

All of these are tips that can help you to not only select the right upholstered furniture but also make sure that this sort of furniture looks great for as long as possible in your home.

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