Takeaways In Comparing Metal Fabrication Companies

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Metal Fabricators

In most areas of the country where production, manufacturing, and fabrication across industries is a factor in the economy, specialized businesses providing specific services to these industries are also found. In states like Wisconsin, there are companies providing services to multiple industries based on the increasing growth production levels of OEMs.

A great example of this is the proximity of metal fabrication companies to business and OEMs in the agriculture, heavy duty truck, defense, mining, oil and gas, power generation and even railway maintenance industries. Working with a fabricator with extensive experience in the same industry as the OEM is an important consideration and one that makes a difference in the quality of parts, ability to work to industry specifications as well as in advanced knowledge and expertise to overcome challenges in the process.

Commitment to Quality

Comparing the focus on quality control processes throughout fabrication should be a central consideration for any OEM. A quick review of the focus on precision fabrication and quality throughout the process is always a starting point for comparing metal fabrication companies.

Look for companies that are ISO 9001 certified. This is a must in many industries and ensures adherence to the requirements of the OEM as well as any industry standards.

Scope of Services

The scope of services or the capabilities of the metal fabrication companies is another crucial point of comparison. Some fabricators offer only a limited number of services, while others provide a full range of CNC machining, welding, forming, plasma, and precision laser cutting.

Most of the top metal fabricators have experience in working with the common metals and alloys, and some have experience in working with more exotic materials specific to one or more industries. As a guideline, the more overall experience a fabrication company has, the better equipped they are to complete your next order.

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