Surprise Your Guests With A NYC Helicopter Adventure

Celebrating birthdays and graduations are famous in the city. The news and other media have covered Sweet sixteen parties and weddings, and NYC is the perfect place for these parties. You may think that it’s not easy to do something unique after all of the creativity that has gone into these events and the way that they have been broadcast. With one phone call and a simple conversation, you can create an NYC helicopter adventure for your guests during the next time that they visit the city, whatever the reason may be. Be unique and give everyone a wonderful surprise with one of the many services offered.

Love Your City Again
Showing off NYC to your friends, family, and colleagues is always exciting but can also be chaotic. Where do you start? Do you climb up the Statue of Liberty and look through her eyes or take a stroll through Central Park to find Belvedere Castle and the often forgotten nature preserve? Do you watch the traffic go by while walking across the High Line or look out across the whole city from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. There is so much to see and it all takes time. When you book a helicopter tour, you can show them all of the city and with a view that they will never get from the ground with time to spare to walk through the culture of The Village, check out the food and trinkets of Chinatown, and catch a show on Broadway.

Get Away for a Little While
A NYC Helicopter adventure is not limited to the city. Take a trip over the lights and sights, see the skyline, and land somewhere along the Hudson for a little vacation away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday city life. Ride above the traffic of the city and get the scenic route that you always dreamed you could have while riding away from the city. Take a loved one with you for the perfect romantic getaway or treat a visiting friend or family member to a day that they’ll never forget.

Business or Pleasure
Your time in NYC may be spent doing work or at an important family function. A helicopter tour is the perfect way to see everything that you want to see in the time allotted so that you don’t have to choose between business and pleasure. There are tours available for even the tightest of schedules or you can book an airport transfer to have a nice ride to or from the airport and get where you have to go faster than you thought.

Safe and Punctual Travel
The expert pilots at New York Helicopter have excellent safety records so that you can rest assure that whatever NYC helicopter adventure you plan happens without worry. Arrive on time and in style when you choose to travel by helicopter. Booking is affordable for everyone and only a phone call away. Start your adventure right now!