Students in the Greater Chicago Area Train for Careers in Art Therapy

When people think about therapy, they often either think of sitting in an office or prescribing medication. One of the fastest-growing types of therapy, however, involves the arts.

Through helping patients create something that aids them in expressing difficult emotions, or various other creative techniques, art therapy has quickly gained momentum. It has become recognized as an excellent form of therapy and counseling.

Students in the Chicagoland area have access to superior education in art therapy through the Art Therapy & Counseling program at SAIC. Though it might seem a bit unusual to consider this as a career path, the fact that so many individuals have found it effective has dramatically increased its adoption over time.

Students who pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in Art Therapy & Counseling are joining a growing movement that seeks to put people first when it comes time to offer a helping hand. It’s likely students will come to see new career opportunities that they might never have even imagined before. Art therapy can also be combined with other forms of psychotherapy to help cultivate more comprehensive treatments for patients.

If you’re interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in Art Therapy & Counseling, or an MA in Art Therapy & Counseling from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, visit them online to learn more.