Steps To Take Before Investing In Biosolids Dewatering Systems

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Waste Management

Making the decision to purchase a biosolids dewatering system to help to limit the cost of wastewater disposal from your business or processing facility is a very wise choice. These systems are an investment in the company and can easily pay for themselves in reduced wastewater treatment and disposal costs.

There are different systems on the market, and it is important to consider the options available and to make the best choice based on the specific needs of your application. There are several other issues to consider as well, and to get started, here are factors that can make one system a better match for your wastewater dewatering requirements.

The Capacity of the System

The physical size of any biosolids dewatering is directly related to the capacity of the tank. This is both the volume of water that can be treated by the tank as well as the amount of biosolids that the tank can hold before it has to be emptied. Matching this capacity allows the company to schedule disposal trips as well as increases the efficiency of daily dewatering requirements.

What is Included

In a top dewatering system, everything that is required for operation is provided. This includes the roll-off tank, the mixing, and dosing unit, the pump to operate the system as well as the hose and coupling.

In addition, a technician to supervise the setup and provide operational training should be provided for the first one or two days of operation. This ensures the system is set up and ready to use without any problems.

Local Requirements

Depending on the county, municipality or other governing body, there may be restrictions, permits or approvals for installation of the system required. Check with the local authorities with jurisdiction over your truck permits or wastewater processing and obtain whatever permits or approvals are required.

Finally, choose the best location for your dewatering unit. Have the site prepared and ready for the day the biosolids dewatering system is delivered for easy and seamless installation.

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