Stay Safe While Waiting For Towing And Recovery

When waiting for a Towing and Recovery service in New Jersey to come to your rescue while stranded along the road, how do you keep yourself, your family, your vehicle, and passing drivers safe? Since it can take some time for a tow truck to arrive at the scene, there are several things that you should do to ensure optimum safety throughout the situation.

Pull to the Right

Do your best to get your vehicle off to the right of the road as possible. If this means that you have to drive a slightly damaged vehicle or drive on a flat tire, so be it. Getting your vehicle as far off of the road as possible will help to reduce the chances of a passing car hitting your car as you await a tow.

Set up Safety Triangles

You should always keep safety triangles in the back of your vehicle. These are especially important when you are broke down along the road in an area that is difficult for upcoming cars to see you. If you are parked on a knoll or curve in the road, the safety triangles should be placed before the curve or knoll to give the oncoming driver enough time to slow down before reaching your vehicle till waiting for Towing and Recovery Services in New Jersey.

Use Safety Flares

Another thing you should always have handy is a few safety flares. Flares should always be used when you are broke down along the road at night. This will give oncoming drivers an alert of the vehicle so they can maneuver around safely.

Stand Behind the Guide Rail

Even when your car is pulled to the side of the road, it is safer for you to exit the car through the passenger side and stand behind the guide-rail until the Towing And Recovery service in the New Jersey truck reaches you. You never know when another driver may smash into your car while you are inside waiting for the truck.

Keep the number for B&L Recovery & Towing readily available in your vehicle at all times. This will make finding service to assist you much easier and limit the time that you spend awaiting the truck. Having the number handy and knowing how to stay safe will help you and everyone around you.