Splish, Splash, Flash!: Your Logo Umbrella Makes a Statement

It seems that everyone looks to make a name for himself these days. With a host of social media sites to make every company a household name, even mom and pop establishments are rushing to FaceBook and Twitter to cash in on recognition and reputation that evolves from word-of-mouth to tap-of-key advertising. These companies depend on contests and reviews to bolster their sales, and they have at least part of the equation solved, but there is another half that they often ignore. Giving away gift baskets and merchandise that could be attributed to just any old similar store, they miss the chance to compound their advertising power by offering an attractive logo umbrella as incentive.

What many homegrown companies hoping to build a name for themselves forget is that successful campaigns address the sensory spectrum. It is not enough to have your message heard or read. It must also be simplified as a visual mnemonic to gain the greatest following. By offering a great prize like a logo umbrella, savvy business owners stand to imprint their message succinctly in the minds and on the hearts of clients. Not only will they win the loyalty of those who entered their contests and/or received the them as incentives for some other participation, they will also garner the attention of everyone who catches a glimpse of such a bounty on a rainy day or even on a day requiring a little extra protection from the sun.

While other companies focus on filling baskets with an assortment of items that are likely to be forgotten or re-gifted later, your company can focus on building a reputation of supplying useful products and/or services. There are few people in the entire world who cannot imagine an effective use for a quality shield from the elements, and the efficiency and necessity of the prize will translate to your business’s good name being associated with such usefulness. With so much to offer, your logo umbrella is sure to make a splash with your clients!