Specialty Coatings: A Coating For Every Need

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Business

While it is always possible for a metal finishing shop to deliver a generic coating for a product, it is only the best shops that are capable of providing proprietary or specialty coatings. This separates the average metal finishing shop from the very best. The latter can easily address the needs and requirements of whatever a client throws at them. They can then deliver the requested coating for the specified purpose.

What Are Specialty Coatings?

While it is possible to pump out generic applications, specialty coatings are not so simple. They rely on the specifications the client supplies to the finishing company.  Specialty coatings are designed to provide a particular component or part or piece with the exact properties requested by the customer. These are features that fulfill the task that is demanded by them when they are installed.

The formulation of the proper coating to perform the task required of a very particular environment, and service requires a thorough review of the machinery application to be used in the production of the specialty coatings.

What Can Specialty Coatings Do?

Specialty coatings are designed and prepared with the needs of a particular environment and demand in mind. In general, they are considered to fulfill either practical or aesthetic purposes. Specialty coatings are often characterized as being:

 * Protective
 * Anti-fouling
 * Resistant to  corrosion

Specialty coatings may also be designed to equip the substrate metal with a non-stick, protective surface. The type of specialty coating is entirely dependent upon the intent of the coating as well as the requirements of the client.

Providing the client’s products or components with this type of protection can be very cost-effective for a company. If, for example the application is for mill tools or other similar equipment, the result of specialty coatings can be reduced downtime for such things as maintenance or the need to take corrective measures resulting from fouling and corrosion.

Specialty Coatings: They are Made-to-Order

A metal finishing company and its engineers and technicians are there to ensure that specialty coatings are safely and duly crated to address all the requirements. The professionals understand that the need exists to provide the right coating for the particular purpose. As a result, they must understand the needs of all parties involved. They must be able to satisfy both elemental and human demands. They have to address the concerns and wishes of:

 * The Client – who wants a specialty coating that suits the environment in which it must function (and usually under budget)
 * The Product – which has to work in the environment and its designated role as a cog or other component of a piece of machinery or equipment
 * The Metal – both the substrate and the specialty coatings must work in harmony while providing each other with the necessary characteristics
 * The Government – which has its legislation, as well as environmental and safety concerns

Working for metal finishing companies demands specialized technology. It requires the commitment of all involved to produce a product that complies with government regulations while meeting the needs and requirements of the client and the materials needed. In other words, producing specialty coatings requires the skills of professionals who understand that, when they do what they do best, they are providing a coating that will meet every need.

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