Specialized Drawn Arc Weld Studs

Most people in the construction, manufacturing, and fabrication industries are familiar with the standard types of weld studs in use. Many of these applications will only require the basics such as fully threaded studs, pitch drawn studs (partially threaded) or the use of headed anchor studs for the drawn arc systems.

However, knowing that specialized types of arc weld studs are available in standard sizes as well as by custom order sizes can be very helpful to Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as those involved in designing and managing construction projects.

Instead of trying to work a project or design around a standard weld stud, these specialized studs may provide the shape, option, and flexibility that is required. Talking with a specialized company that works exclusively in the weld stud supply and equipment area can also be very instrumental in finding the ideal option for any project.

Collar Studs

There are several different applications for the collar arc weld studs. These are similar to a threaded stud, but they have a collar or a flange that is located along the length of the stud.

This collar or flange can be used to support the piece to be attached to the base metal. In this case, the collar acts like as a support, holding one piece up and off the base by a precise distance.

Internally Tapped

Sometimes referred to as a tapped pad, the internally tapped drawn arc weld studs are unthreaded. They do have a pre-formed blind top hole that allows the mated part to be attached to the base using a bolt or some type of a threaded system rather than the traditional option of tightening down the two parts with a nut.

There are other types of specialized weld studs to consider as well. A shoulder base or a hammer weld type of stud can be ideal for many applications, with the hammer base particularly effective when working with old metals.