Solar Panel Installation: Handy Pointers to Keep in Mind

by | May 22, 2018 | Home Improvement

Solar panels can save you a lot of long-term costs. Before you set out to pay for the services of a solar panel installation firm in Bakersfield, though, know the following pointers for the best results.

Assess the condition of your roof

It makes no sense to invest that much money on getting those panels when your roof is ready to go at any moment. Get expert roofers from companies you trust to take a look at your roof. Have them fix any problems. If there are any signs of extensive damage, consider getting a new roof before you start on your panel installation project.

Check if your roof is ideal

If the roofer gives the all-clear, time to get in touch with a solar panel installation firm in Bakersfield. The company will most likely send over an engineer to look over your roof and check if the angle of the roof, shading, size, type and more are ideal before the installation can start, the GeekBeat explains. For instance, not all roofs can handle the additional weight. These solar arrays can weigh tons, so it’s best that the roofs are sturdy to take those on.

Get useful advice

If you need to invest in a new roof, this may be a good time to consult with a panel installation company for tips and advice on what kind of style or design will be ideal. That way, you won’t waste money on a new roof that won’t be a good fit for the panels.

Ask for details

Don’t be afraid to ask for details. Will you handle any permits required? Can they help? How long will they be onsite? The length of time it will take to get those panels on your roof will depend entirely on the size and design of your roof. Complicated roof designs may take a while longer than standard ones.

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