Small Flatbed Printer for the Hobbyist or Small Business

If space is at a premium it does not mean you have to give up your dream of having a flatbed printer for your crafting or business, it means you need to look to asmall flatbed printerinstead. Flatbed printing can help you to really get creative with your product lines or crafting. They are powerful tools for any small business and a great option for the hobbyist.

The Benefits

Flatbed printers are simply amazing tools. They can print on a wide range of materials of different shapes and sizes. They offer capabilities that can speed up production and enhance any product line. The benefits of a small flatbed printers include:

  • A smaller footprint
  • Ease of use
  • Great results
  • No screens are necessary

From printing on just about any material to managing complex colors easily, these printers are well worth the investment. Getting the same results with traditional screen printers would take two to three times the amount of time.

The Smaller Footprint

One of the most attractive things about these printers is that they can take up less space without sacrificing the capabilities. You get the same great powerful capabilities but in a much smaller space. They are an affordable alternative to their bigger counterparts. They are ideal for at home use as well as in the shop. If you are ready to change how you transfer images, than you are ready to invest in one of these printers.

Go to the Leader

Whether you are a small business or a hobbyist you want to be sure that you choose a leader in the industry for your printer needs. BES Jet is the leader when it comes to flatbed printing. They have a range of printers that can meet the needs of anyone from small printers to industrial sizes.