Skylights for an Energy Efficient Home

Do you constantly have to switch on the lights inside your property to illuminate its best features? If so, consider being an eco-conscious consumer by getting skylights fitted. These windows are usually positioned on the roof of a property so that no matter what time of day it is, sunlight can pour through the glass. Energy efficient skylights also allow you to gaze out at the stars on those clear nights, which is admirable if you’re the owner of a telescope! A great investment that could save you money, skylights can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. Read on to learn more about their energy efficient benefits.

Save Money on Electricity

Skylights are placed at specific angles, depending on what type of roof you have, what kind of solar heat control you want to achieve, etc. As sunlight pours through the skylight with glass or plastic coating, it will heat up the room. Double glazed options are also available, so you need not worry about warmth escaping through the windows during winter. As a result, you won’t need to switch on the heating as often and you will save money on your energy and electricity bills.

Save Money on Lighting

It can be difficult to live without lighting, particularly at night time. Lighting will highlight the best features of a home, but it can set you back quite a bit of money. The amount of money you spend lighting the home will begin to lower by huge amounts once installation has taken place, particularly during winter. To get the maximum amount of sunlight in the home, consider asking the skylight specialist if they can fit south-facing windows. These windows welcome more natural light than windows that are east or west-facing.

Low-Emissivity Glass Options

Don’t forget to explore your glass options when getting energy efficient skylights fitted, because there are a lot of energy saving options out there. Low-emissivity glass will be manufactured with different ratings, so ask about these prior to getting the skylights made and fitted. Concrete, timber and steel are three of the most common materials used to make these skylights, all of which can be crafted with low-e glass. This special type of glass prevents heat from escaping through the windows. So effective is low-e glass at stopping heat from escaping that when compared to skylights made with normal glass, it is twice as energy efficient!

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