Skip the Scalpel, Pack on the Protein: How to Burn Fat Naturally

Inundated by billboards for fad diets and slimming pills, it is little surprise that more and more people are turning to drastic measures to lose weight. Rather than pay a surgeon to slough off your curves, consider the following DIY fat-burning techniques:

Add Protein

A naturally-filling macronutrient, protein will help you stay full, longer. Even better, its replenishing powers will strengthen and tone your muscles, and speed up your body’s ability to burn fat. Whenever possible, stick to lean cuts of meat, and be cognizant of portion size.

Increase Resistance

For those looking to burn fat naturally, resistance training is one of the best ways to do it. The ultimate way to increase muscle strength and mass (see above), anaerobic exercise will induce muscular contractions to build overall endurance and strength. Combine this with aerobic exercise to get the most bang for your health buck.

Limit Sugar

Not only will an inordinate amount of sugar increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease (among many others), but it will affect your body’s ability to store and burn fat. Contrary to popular belief, artificial sweeteners are NOT a healthy alternative to sugar, and your best bet is to limit your intake of the real thing rather than replace it with potentially harmful chemicals.

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