Skin Health Treatments That Work for You

As you age, it is natural to want to preserve and enhance your beauty. There are many procedures offered in the medical spa environment, but you may be unsure of which one best fits your needs. Here is an overview of some of the available med spa services to choose from.

Laser Treatment

Laser technology can be used in several ways, including skin rejuvenation and hair removal. Light-based procedures that aim to enhance your skin are appropriate if you suffer from wrinkles and lines, redness, large pores or sunspots. The actual procedure is fairly gentle with little side effects. You may need several treatments for the best results, but improvement is usually seen within a few weeks.

Laser hair removal focuses on permanent hair reduction. Along with removing hair for all types of skin, non-invasive laser hair removal can also benefit redness and wrinkles. The procedure involves little discomfort, and is a fitting alternative if you’re searching for long-term hair removal.


Facials are perhaps the most enjoyable option for skin treatments, as they involve massaging the facial muscles. Aromatherapy oils are used to cleanse the skin, and the massage helps prevent wrinkles by renewing skin cells. The facial treatment concentrates on healing the skin, but also provides stress relief and relaxation for the body. If used for an anti-aging remedy, facials can be done regularly through a series of customized treatments.


Injections and dermal fillers are among the more extreme skin treatment options, and are generally focused on anti aging. Medications like Botox are injected into the muscles, and reduce lines and wrinkles in the face. This is a less invasive option if you’re not interested in plastic surgery, and typically lasts up to 4 months. Similarly, fillers are injected with a needle against wrinkles, and to add fullness to the skin, most commonly in the lips.

Everyone’s skin health needs are different, which is why there is a wide variety of treatment options to be found at a med spa. Whichever level of service you require, there is a treatment that can work for you.