Six Ways to Prepare for a Bathroom Remodel

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Home Improvement

Are you having your bathroom remodeled? Make sure your home is ready before the crew arrives. Here’s a checklist to help you and your household prepare for the upcoming project.

Clear the Entryway

Will they use the front door? Relocate any shoes or shoe racks if that’s the case. The crew could trip over them. Please remove anything on the walls, too, so the crew won’t brush up against them and accidentally knock things over.

Do the Same for the Hallways

Again, if they’re using the hallway, clear it of tripping hazards. Remove wall decors and rugs, too. That will prevent accidents and ensure the crew can start working without worries.

Check Adjacent Rooms

Before your bathroom remodel in Kennewick, WA starts, check the adjacent rooms and do the same. Remove decors and anything that may get damaged from vibrations caused by the remodel. Keep them in safe storage or space.

Prepare the Bathroom

Now, this is where most of the preparation happens. You’ll need to remove personal items and belongings. Clear outplants, shower curtains, photos, pictures, rugs, and more. Leave the bathroom empty of anything so the crew can work in peace.

Clean That Space

Remember to clean your toilet. You’ve got people coming, and it’s a courtesy, especially if they will remove the toilet during the remodel.

Be Ready for the Noise

One thing you won’t often hear from remodeling companies is how noisy the construction can get. Let your neighbors know, especially if the sound will carry to their place. It’s the neighborly thing to do. Also, do you have anyone in your household who sleeps during the day? The next few days may be a little challenging, especially when all the pounding starts. Let your family know so they can either work out an alternate schedule or find other options: for instance, some earplugs can help reduce the noise so that they can sleep comfortably.

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