Signs Your Septic Tanks Needs to Be Serviced

If your home has a septic tank, the last thing you want to do is ignore it. Septic tanks require regular maintenance, especially pumping when they get full. The best way to tell it’s time to pump your septic tank is to have your septic system inspected each year. During your annual inspection, your septic company technician in Camano Island WA will check the level of sludge and the general condition of your system. There may be signs that your septic system is getting full, too.

#1. Strong Odors
Your septic system collects solid waste and gray water from laundry, dishes, and showering. When combined with black toilet water, this creates a strong odor. The odor will be contained until your tank begins to get full, in which case you may notice unpleasant and strong odors in your yard.

#2. Slow-Moving Drains
While slow drains can indicate a clog, they can also indicate your septic tank is too full. This is especially true if all of the drains in your home are slow, including your toilets. When your toilets do not flush no matter how many times they are plunged, or your toilets are actually backing up, your septic tank should be serviced immediately.

#3. Pooling Water in the Lawn
It’s common to notice pools of water after heavy rainfall, but if you see a small lake near the drain field of your septic tank, it may mean your septic system is overflowing. When the tank is full, solid waste will clog the pipes in the drain field. This forces liquid to the surface. Your tank should definitely be pumped immediately. In the future, have your system serviced regularly to avoid overflowing and possible damage.

#4. Very Green Grass
A lake of water isn’t the only sign you may notice on your lawn; the grass over your septic system can also look very healthy and bright green when the system is too full. This lush grass happens when the septic system leaches liquids into the lawn that give the grass nutrients.

#5. Sewer Backup
A full septic tank can cause your sewer to back up beginning in your lowest drains, such as the bathroom in the basement. When your sewer backs up, it’s an emergency that needs to be treated right away.

Do you have any of the following signs of septic trouble? Contact our septic company Camano Island WA experts right away for reliable and fast septic pumping.