Signs You Need Radiator Replacement in Illinois

Your radiator is responsible for keeping your truck cooled while you are driving it. The process is fairly simple; a coolant is a liquid that can withstand very high heat. As a result, it is piped throughout your engine. The hottest parts of your engine transfer their heat to the coolant. The coolant is then piped through the radiator, which is a very serpentine series of tubes. These are exposed to air as you drive. That transfers the heat from the liquid to the air passing over it. Once it is cool, it is piped back through the engine. If you need a radiator replacement, you’ll have a few warning signs.

Engine Heat

As stated, the radiator reduces the temperature of your engine components. So, if your radiator is damaged, it will not be able to effectively regulate the temperature in your engine. This means that you’ll have uncontrolled temperature increases in your engine. The thermometer in your engine is one of the most reliable indications that you need a radiator replacement in Illinois.

If you need Illinois radiator replacement services and you try to avoid it, you could make the problem much worse. Replacing a damaged radiator keeps your engine cool; an overheating engine will eventually seize up or malfunction in some other significant way.

Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks are another reliable sign that you need radiator replacement. You’ll notice a puddle of something underneath your truck. If you dip a white paper towel in the liquid, you should be able to determine what it is. Coolant is usually pink but is also available in green sometimes. It is fairly thin and feels oily. If you’re leaking coolant, you need a new radiator or at least a radiator repair. You shouldn’t use one of those substances that claim to stop leaks; they typically don’t work and can damage the coolant system.