Signs You Need Garage Door Spring Repair in Marysville, WA

A garage door might seem very simple, but it has some complex physics that make it work properly. Your garage door operates by a motor that turns a wheel. That wheel rolls up your garage door cable; as the cable rolls up, it pulls the door up. The motor then uncoils the cable to let the door down. However, garage doors are very heavy, so the motor relies on a counterweight to help it pull up the door. The counterweight, in this case, is the garage door spring. If your door is not operating properly, it could be because you need garage door spring repair.

Slow Opening

If your garage door is slow to open, it’s a sign you need garage door spring repair in Marysville, WA. In older style garage doors, an actual counterweight was used. If a door weighs two hundred pounds and has a one hundred-pound counterweight, the motor would only need to lift up one hundred pounds of weight. Instead of an actual weight, a spring is used in the design of a garage door nowadays.

You can contact us if you think you have garage door spring issues. The spring will make it easier to lift the door, so any trouble lifting the door is likely because of the spring.

Fast Closing

Similar to slow opening, if your door seems to close too quickly, you might need garage door spring repair. Since the spring makes it easier to open the door, it also helps control the descent. If your garage door seems to be almost falling when it closes, you probably need to have your spring repaired. Closing too quickly can be a problem in itself. It can pose a danger to others as well as to your vehicle. You need to call a specialist to determine why your garage door is closing so quickly.