Signs You May Need to Visit a Dentist in Apple Valley, MN

Many people would rather do almost anything more than visit a dentist. However, there are a number of signs that a visit to a Dentist in Apple Valley MN may be necessary. While it can be possible to ignore these signs and put off visiting the dentist, this isn’t a good idea as the problem is only likely to get worse and more expensive to fix if you do so.

Pain and Swelling

One of the more obvious signs that it’s time to visit a Dentist in Apple Valley MN is that there is pain or swelling in the mouth or face. This type of pain or having difficulty chewing can make it hard to eat the food necessary for good health as well. Tooth pain may be just a cavity, but if it isn’t treated, it could cause the entire tooth to become decayed, leading to the loss of the tooth or the need for a more serious type of treatment, such as a root canal and a dental implant. This is the case even when the pain only occurs when eating or drinking something particularly hot or cold.

Bleeding or Puffy Gums

Gums that are quick to bleed, especially during flossing or brushing, may be a sign of gum disease. This condition is often due to having plaque build up under the gum line. Regular dental cleanings can help limit this type of buildup, as the dental hygienist will clean off any plaque on the teeth or at the gum line. If not corrected, this could eventually cause teeth to be lost.


While some people worry about visiting a dentist during pregnancy, most types of treatment are perfectly safe. Just limit the x-rays. Being pregnant can actually increase the risks of certain types of dental problems, so this isn’t a good time to skip dentist appointments.

White Spots or Discoloration on the Teeth

White spots can mean that a cavity is starting to form on a tooth. Addressing this as quickly as possible will limit the overall damage to the tooth.

Chronic Headaches in the Morning

This could be a sign that you grind your teeth during the night. Teeth grinding can cause significant damage to your teeth, but a dentist can provide a special mouthguard that will help limit teeth grinding.

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