Signs You May Need a Root Canal in New Iberia, LA

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Dental Care

Nobody wants to hear that the need that dreaded procedure — a root canal. Although it takes a bit of time, is somewhat costly and isn’t the most pleasant experience, it does get rid of a lot of pain and suffering, so it isn’t a good idea to avoid it any longer than necessary. There are a few signs that a person may need a Root Canal in New Iberia LA.

It Really Hurts to Eat

When an infection or cavity is bad enough that it has traveled through the tooth and actually reached the nerves, it causes a lot of pain whenever pressure is applied to the tooth. Eating puts this type of pressure on the tooth, so if it is painful, it may be a sign that a person needs a Root Canal in New Iberia LA.

Swelling in the Gums

The infection in the root of the tooth can also cause swelling that shows up in the gums near the sore tooth. It may also cause a small sore or bump on the gums. These are signs of a more serious problem that needs to be looked at by a dentist, although the swelling could be due to something else and might be curable without a root canal.

Long-Lasting Hot and Cold Sensitivity

In typical hot and cold sensitivity, the pain in the teeth goes away as soon as the hot or cold thing touching the tooth goes away. If the pain lasts for a while after this, it may be a sign of infection or decay in the tooth that could require a root canal.

Discolored Tooth

Teeth that are very decayed sometimes look darker than other nearby teeth. If the decay is caught before it reaches the roots and the nerves, it’s sometimes possible to treat it without a root canal, so see a dentist as soon as possible if a tooth is becoming darker than other nearby teeth. Sometimes mild discoloration is due to other factors, such as eating or drinking foods that are dark in color that can leave stains.

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