Signs Root Canals may be Needed

Most people have mostly negative thoughts about Root Canals. However, the fact is, having a root canal can help prevent quite a bit of pain. There is no reason to suffer when this simple treatment can help reduce the issues experienced. Some of the signs that a person may be able to benefit from a root canal are found here.

Lingering Tooth Pain

If a person has moderate to severe tooth pain when consuming hot foods or drinking hot liquids, then they may need a root canal. This type of pain may also be the result of cold foods or liquids. If this is an issue that someone is having, they should schedule an appointment with their dentist right away.

Pain when Chewing

Another sign that a person may need a root canal is if they experience pain when biting on a tooth or chewing. They may also notice slight swelling. In extreme cases, their tooth may be sensitive when touched. All these are indications that it may be time to seek a dentist and find out of one or more Root Canals is needed.

Bubble on the Gum

A little-known sign of a problem is if there is a bubble on a person’s gum. In most cases, this bubble will look like a pimple and may release pus or bleed when it is pressed on. While this isn’t pretty, it can also be painful and a clear sign that a person needs a root canal.

Radiating Pain

While there are several ways a person’s tooth may hurt when they need a root canal, another sign is that if pain begins in one tooth and the moves to other parts of the person’s head or jaw. An example of this would be pain in the lower portion of a back tooth that radiates into a person’s ear on the same side and feels like an ear ache.

If a person experiences any of these symptoms, it is a good idea to seek professional dental care as soon as possible. The issue is only going to get worse as time passes. More information can be found about root canal treatment by contacting the Lewis Family Dentistry staff. You can also connect them on Facebook.