Signs An Owner Should Take Their Dog To The Animal Hospital In Yorktown NY

Unlike humans, dogs are not able to tell their owners they are sick. It is up to the owner to recognize the signs their dog may be sick. The sooner the dog owner is able to recognize there is something wrong, the sooner they can take the dog to an animal hospital in Yorktown NY for treatment.

Strange Eating Habits

If it is hot outside, it is normal for a dog to miss a meal or two. If a dog misses more than that, it could be a sign the dog is sick. There are several diseases that can cause the dog to lose his appetite. The sooner the dog goes to an animal hospital in Yorktown NY for treatment, the sooner it will feel better.

Excessive Thirst

Dogs naturally produce more saliva than humans, so they don’t need to drink as much water. If a dog starts drinking more water than usual and drinking out of the toilet, it could be an early warning sign of diabetes and kidney disease. If an owner finds that their dog is drinking excessively, they should take the dog to the vet.

Changes in the Dog’s Coat

If a dog’s coat loses it softness, thickness, and shine, their owner should take them to an animal hospital. The problem could be due to a food allergy or a skin disease. The dog would need to go to an animal hospital to be diagnosed and treated.


If a dog vomits once, it is not really a cause for concern. If the dog is vomiting frequently over a few days, it is a sign of a problem. It is important that the owner takes the dog to the vet as soon as possible. Vomiting can result in dehydration, which can be very dangerous for a dog.

Sudden Weight Loss

If a dog suddenly loses weight for no reason, it should be a sign of a serious health condition. If a dog drops 10 percent of its weight, the owner should take them to the animal hospital as soon as possible. If a dog loses even one pound, they should be seen by a veterinarian

If an owner believes their dog may be sick, they should visit the website to find more information.