Should You Choose Fondant or Royal Icing for Your Wedding Cake?

When it comes to cakes, nowadays cakes have become more than just an edible treat; some are practically works of art. Basically, your cake design is only limited to your imagination, and even that can be surpassed depending on the cake designer you choose. Cakes with intricate shapes, stainless steel royal icing, and other elaborate details are becoming more and more popular.

With so many options from design to construction, it can be a bit overwhelming to know which type of cake to choose. For instance, many people do not know the difference between icing and fondant or why it even matters. Well, here is a little insight as to what both are so that you can choose the right finish for your next cake.


Both icing and fondant are edible and used for decoration, but they are each used differently. Fondant can be rolled or poured; however, it is generally rolled in order to cover large surface areas of the cake. This allows the cake to have a flawlessly smooth texture as well as a candy-sweet taste. Fondant, however, can succumb to cracks easily and so it must be stored well.

Royal Icing

Royal icing, which is also very sweet, is mostly used for detailing and small decorations on a cake. Royal icing is not rolled out, but applied in layers and used as a garnish or a topping.

When it comes to icing, there are many types of food coloring choices that can help give your cake an elaborate look that can work well for virtually any occasion. Stainless steel royal icing is a great way to add elegance to a cake for an upscale event, such as a wedding or even a banquet. For many events, such as weddings and birthdays, the cake is the centerpiece and can really add a luxurious feel that can help complement any decor.