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by | Jan 4, 2016 | Automotive

A transmission rebuild is a major renovation of a car’s transmission system. The transmission is connected to a network of parts that are designed to work together and not separately. After extensive usage, this system needs a rebuild that involves replacing damaged parts without replacing the entire system. It is important to know more about the functions of the car transmission and why you may need a rebuild.

The Functions of the Transmission

The transmission consists of gears and mechanical parts that control the amount of speed and torque in a vehicle. This system connects the engine to the wheels and allows the car to operate at an appropriate speed. There are different gears that the driver shifts to control the different speeds. In older cars, the gears are manual, but in most newer cars, the gears are automatic.

Problems with the Transmission

Over time, your car develops problems with its transmission. You are more likely to have problems if you drive the car for many years and frequently drive over rough roads. The first sign of a problem is difficulty in shifting gears. The lever gets stuck a few times and does not move properly as you drive.

One possible solution to this problem is to replace the fluid levels. When the car heats up, the sun evaporates some of the vital fluids inside. You could have grainy fluids that make movements difficult or a total lack of fluids altogether.

Slippage is a bigger problem that causes the gears to slip suddenly and without warning. You may have problems trying to control the vehicle’s speed or power. If you start and stop the vehicle too much, you could wear out the band.

The Benefits of a Rebuild

A transmission rebuild gets the car close to its original state. You do not spend too much time and effort trying to drive it around. A rebuild saves you money because you could spend twice the amount on a replacement. Repairing the transmission is necessary because the car needs this system to run properly. No vehicle will run without these components that are just as important as the engine.

Rebuilding the transmission is a task that does not take long to complete. Instead of waiting a whole week or month for a replacement, you will wait only a few days to have a few parts replaced. If you use the vehicle often, you will benefit from this brief timespan.

There is more than one way to fix a faulty car transmission. You do not have to buy a brand-new system or replace the car altogether. Ignoring the problem any longer will make it worse. Every part of an automobile is repairable, so consult with a mechanic to discuss the option of getting a rebuild. To know more about transmission rebuilt visit You can also follow them on Twitter.

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