Services and Tree Transplanting in Dallas

Trees are a great addition to any property. They can add curb appeal and increase value, offer privacy, and help protect the building from excessive sun exposure. They can also provide shade, hold a tire swing, and encourage birds to live on the grounds. Young trees are perfect for new landscaping designs because they can grow with the new family that moved into the house. Adult trees work well for privacy because they are already tall and strong. Once trees are sold and planted, they will need proper maintenance to ensure they continue to grow and remain healthy.

Tree Transplanting in Dallas, along with other services like trimming and pruning, is a way to make sure trees have enough room for a deep root system to develop. When trees are young, it can be difficult to decide where to plant them. A homeowner may have thought the front of the house was a good idea to plant the sapling, but as it grew it began to block the sun from shining into the bay window. Transplanting trees can be tricky because the roots need enough space to grow downward and across. Putting a tree too close to other plants can mean one, or both, do not get enough nutrients from the soil, or enough water. Both parts of the landscaping could end up being killed off by the error in judgment. The problem is that the damage could be done before signs begin to indicate an issue.

Before deciding on beginning Tree Transplanting in Dallas, it may be helpful for homeowners to consult a contractor or landscaping company. They can also Visit Alfaro Tree Sales Inc, for example, for information or to arrange to have trees transplanted. Sales and services are also available for several types of trees, shrubs, and other landscaping greenery. Choices include several varieties of trees, such as Mediterranean and Texas Sable Palm. Varieties of oak include Mexican White, Burr, Chinquapin, and Monterrey. Trees and shrubs that are purchased and planted by the company are covered by a one year warranty. Wholesale purchases are also available for contractors, developers, landscaping companies and retailers.