Service Engine Soon’ – What Exactly Does That Light Mean?

For most people who have driven a vehicle for any amount of time, the concept of the light that illuminates when the engine needs servicing is familiar. While it may not be as common as the other signs and signals that light up on our dashboards, the ‘check engine’ light is certainly worth paying attention to. What does this light mean, and what can vehicle owners do when it comes on?

Possible Causes

There are a variety of reasons why your engine service light may come on. Many of these indicate that engine repair in Colleyville TX may be in your immediate future, but some are less severe. A few of the possible causes for the light’s illumination may include:

  • Fuel quality issues
  • Loose or missing gas cap
  • Defective distributor or coil packs
  • Spark plugs, wires or other components that are faulty or worn out
  • Electronic control module failure
  • An emission control fault, such as a broken oxygen sensor

These issues range from inconvenient to extremely dangerous for the vehicle and its occupants, so it is important to consult an industry professional right away when that little light comes on.

Who to Call for Help

When your engine service light comes on, it may be time for maintenance or even an engine repair in Colleyville TX. To be sure of what the problem is and what measures should be taken to fix it, a specialist should evaluate the automobile. Technicians should be chosen in person after contacting potential facilities on the phone or via the internet. Allowing a repairman to see your vehicle will render the best possible appraisal of your car and its needs.

Look for a professional who is happy to explain issues to you, to keep you posted on the progress of repairs, and can give you a fair and honest quote upfront. Engine maintenance is one of the most important investments you can make in your vehicle, and making it as soon as you see that pesky little light can make a huge difference in the life of your car!