Senior Care That Offers A Respite For You And Them: Day Care

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Senior Care

Taking care of a senior can be stressful. This is true whether the loved one suffers from illnesses or Alzheimer’s, or is in perfect physical and mental conditions. Even with at-home help, you should consider other forms of senior care. If you live in Toms River NJ, why not consider senior day care? It offers a respite for them as much as for you.

Why Day Care?

Don’t let the term “Senior Day Care” fool you. While a few may conform to the stereotype of “babysitting,” most do not. They know several specifics about the situation existing today:

  • Stimulation – Adults of all ages and conditions require stimulation. This extends beyond watching TV. It means interacting with others in sports, card games and other physical and mental activities
  • Socialization – Senior care needs to involve contact with people their own age with similar interests. This helps stimulate cognitive processes and reduces depression
  • Respite – All caregivers need a respite. Dropping off their loved ones at a day care center or senior’s club allows them to spend time taking care of themselves. They can do so without feeling a smidgeon of guilt knowing their charges will be enjoying themselves as well
  • Change: While there is a comfort in having the same routine and environment, it is often a very good thing to bring small changes. A change of scenery can awaken brain functions and stir up latent interests in the world

Caregivers in Toms Rivers NJ should give credence to these factors and consider the benefits to them and their charge.

Senior Care

If you are taking care of an elderly person in Toms Rivers NJ, why not consider giving everyone a respite. Look at what day care centers are available in your area. By including this option as part of your senior care plan, you are providing everyone with the chance to improve meaningfully the current situation.

If you are looking for a highly reputable and individualized memory care club, contact the experienced and expert staff at the Regency Club. As licensed and trained professionals, they are there to provide the highest level of Senior Care Toms in River NJ. As the state’s best memory, the concerned and caring staff are always there to be supportive of family members and their senior clients alike. To discover more about Memory Care clubs and what services they can offer to improve the lives of your loved ones, visit

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