Senior Care Service Options in Middlesex, NJ

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Senior Care

Senior care combines elements of traditional health care including medical attention, regular checkups, and testing with holistic care and a range of therapies to suit the needs of each individual. The options for senior care in Middlesex include adult day care centers like South Amboy. Adult day care offers several benefits as part of an overall senior care plan, such as the following.

  1. Nursing services. Many seniors do not necessarily need a round-the-clock nurse or 24 hour supervision. The nursing services that are available at senior care centers with adult day care services include all elements of nursing including providing a caring approach to working with seniors with different levels of mental and physical capabilities.
  2. Transportation services. A senior care facility should offer transportation services to seniors. Adult day care centers like South Amboy have transportation services that can take seniors to and from their home, as well as transportation for field trips and outings. Transportations services can also include getting to and from doctors or therapists who are not on site.
  3. Recreation. Senior care has to be relaxing, fun, and enjoyable. An adult day care provides senior care options that include regular game time, leisure activities, opportunities for fun exercise, and social events. The staff at a senior care facility should continually request feedback from seniors and suggestions for what other recreational activities like field trips might be requested.
  4. Therapeutic interventions. Senior care involves an individualized treatment plan that provides physical, speech, and occupational therapy services as needed or prescribed. Similarly, senior care may also include access to services like podiatry and ophthalmology and can help seniors take care of their medical testing.
  5. Personal care and grooming services. Senior care facilities offer seniors the valuable option of using on-site salon services for personal grooming, including shaves and haircuts.

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