Selling Your Judgement to a Debt Collector in Denver, CO, Is a Great Idea

It is always nice to hear from a judge in court that the person or business who is in debt to you is now legally obligated to pay you back. However, the bad news is that they still may not pay you. They may not currently have the necessary funds to do so or they may still feel they are not obligated to you. Since these matters are usually handled in civil court, there is not much that can be done to actually enforce the law. This is why selling your judgment might be your best option.

Getting Paid Now

For most people, getting paid now, even if it is only a partial payment, is better than waiting for a long period of time in the hopes that you MIGHT get paid in full. The debtor may even have the best of intentions of paying you back but simply never have the money to do so. By selling your judgment to a debt collector, you are getting paid a portion of what you are owed in exchange for the debt collector to have the legal right to pursue the full amount. You are relieved of all risk.


There are companies who will go after debtors for you in exchange for a smaller percentage of the recouped funds but this is usually a less than ideal situation. By being unwilling to pay you cash today, it is a good indicator that they are not confident in their own abilities. It is much better to do business with a person who buys the judgment outright.

If you have a judgment you are looking to sell, contact Mayflower Judgments.