Selecting the Appropriate Nicotine for E-Liquid

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Business, manufacturing

When switching from smoking to vaping, it can be difficult to understand the amount of pure nicotine needed to end those cigarette cravings. Thankfully, e-juice bottles will tell you the percentage of nicotine used in a liquid or offer information on how many milligrams of nicotine is added per milliliter. We’ll look at that, along with everything else you should know.

Choosing a Supplier

As you determine what supplier you want to use for your e-liquid, it’s important that you determine what ingredients are used. It’s also of extreme importance that you know where each of those ingredients came from. Even if the nicotine strength is listed, that tells you nothing about where the nicotine came from. It might be pure nicotine from a pharmaceutical manufacturer. It may be the complete opposite. What you want is to know you are getting pharma nicotine from a company that complies with USP guidelines.

Nicotine Levels

The smallest nicotine level is 0%, which simply means that no nicotine is in the product. This is often the dosage of choice for someone who has stopped smoking and cut down from a higher nicotine level while vaping. To be sure that this e-juice has no nicotine, you need to know that it’s being supplier from a reputable, professional company.

The next steps up at 0.3% and 0.6%, which are low dosage. This amount is about the same as someone would take in a while smoking ten cigarettes a day. Those who are on the path to cutting out nicotine may find this dosage meets their needs. It’s also fine for those who are quitting smoking but were light smokers, to begin with.

At 0.9% and 1.2% nicotine, we move up to the equivalent of smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day or so. This is one of the most popular levels for those who have just quit smoking and want the same nicotine levels through vaping. Most people start here and work downward to end their dependence on nicotine.

There are higher levels at 1.8% and 2.1% and beyond, which are generally used only by those who were heavy smokers. Even those who smoked two packs a day may find that this amount is too high for them.

Make sure to determine that your supplier is making e-juice in the proper way and never be afraid to ask questions about where their pure nicotine and other ingredients come from. It’s the best way to ensure your safety and the quality of your vape.

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