Seeking Health Care Services in Griffin, GA, for Kidney Infections

If you delay treatment for a kidney infection, you may be at risk for renal failure. Kidney infections typically originate in the bladder and then travel to the kidneys. It is important that you seek health care services in Griffin, GA, at the first sign of a kidney infection. Here are some treatment options your health care provider may recommend.

Drink the Right Fluids

Drinking the right fluids can help your body flush out bacteria and other toxins from your body. This helps the infection clear your body faster, while helping to prevent future bladder and kidney infections.

Drinking plenty of water is recommended by most physicians, however, cranberry juice is also recommended because it has been shown to clear bacteria from the urinary tract. Your doctor may also advise you against drinking caffeinated beverages while you have a kidney infection because they can cause bladder spasms and irritate the urinary system.


If drinking the right fluids fails to bring relief from your symptoms, you’ll need to seek health care services in Griffin, GA, for your kidney infection as soon as possible. Because most bladder and kidney infections are bacterial in nature, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

While you’ll probably start feeling better after a few doses, it is essential that you finish your entire antibiotic prescription to make sure that the infection has been completely eliminated.

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