Secure Document Destruction in Dallas Tx offered by Shredding Companies

Most companies manage sensitive and confidential information which can damage their reputation and threaten their customer’s confidentiality if compromised. Data breaches can happen electronically with information obtained on a device or on paper documents left unsecured and exposed to potential identity thieves. Banks, hospitals and financial institutions are examples of entities that have confidential and sensitive documents. It is important that companies monitor retention schedules of paper documents to avoid the risk of keeping information that could be destroyed.

Personal data, whether on paper or online, is a highly valued commodity for those wishing to obtain and fraudulently use it to commit identity theft. Any document with personally identifying information is considered sensitive such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, medical and credit card information. It is incumbent on every company reinforced with legal requirements to ensure that employees and customers data profile is protected.

Budgeting for secure document shredding by a certified vendor should be a priority for every company. Utilizing a secure document destruction company in Dallas TX helps to protect customers and employees from identity theft and potential hours of legal proceedings and financial loss to repair their damaged credit. Some qualifications to consider when choosing a secure document destruction company in Dallas are the following:

  • Offer certified onsite shredding with a mobile truck and facility-based destruction.
  • Bundling of both electronic and paper destruction services
  • Provide a Certificate of Destruction after each shred service they provide.
  • Transport documents in locking bins for facility-based destruction.

Choosing a reliable Document Destruction Company in Dallas Tx can mitigate the risk of ever having your employee or customer information compromised. Visit Action Shred of Texas for more information.