Say Cheese: 3 Tips for Finding a Good Dentist in Evanston, Illinois

Maybe your kid cracked a tooth on the playground. Maybe your spouse is constantly suffering from candy related dental emergencies because they just can’t quit the taffy. Whatever your reasons for needing an Evanston dentist, here are just a few tips for finding a good one.

1. Check Your Insurance Policy

First things first: Are they within your network? If so, does your policy cover everything that you need done? If not, how much does the dentist charge for individual services, and do they offer any payment plans to help with out-of-pocket costs?

2. Consider Their Practice Areas

This is particularly important if you already know what you need from your dentist. For example, if you require same-day services to replace a porcelain crown, you should focus your search on dental offices with CEREC same-day crown technology that also offer porcelain crowns. Not every dentist will have these capabilities, so it’s critical that you check.

3. Tell Them About Your Problem

Don’t be shy about opening up to dentists about your candy related dental emergencies. This includes prospective dentists. If you clearly outline the problem, you’ll have a better chance of determining if they’re the right professional to fix it. Even if they’re not, they might be able to refer you to someone who is.

If you’re looking for a good Evanston dentist, use these tips and tricks to find one that’s worth your time. You can reach out to Stephens Dentistry to learn more.