Save Your Child’s Broken Tooth with Children’s Dentistry in Charleston

Oh, no! Your child just broke a tooth! Does that mean the rest of the tooth needs pulling? Not if you follow these tips. Getting the broken tooth and your child to a dentist as soon as possible often saves the tooth and your child’s smile.

First Step: Treat the Child

Whether the tooth is a baby tooth or a permanent one, your child will feel considerable pain. An ice bag or ice pop and over the counter painkillers helps with the pain and reduce the swelling that causes pain. Biting on a clean cloth or wad of cotton helps stop bleeding.

Second Step: Call the Dentist

You need to get your child and the tooth or tooth fragment to a dentist as soon as possible. Children’s dentistry in Charleston has advanced considerably in recent years. Call the dentist or emergency dentist to let them know you are coming.

Third Step: Prepare and Save the Tooth

Find the tooth or tooth fragment. Rinse gently in warm water. Do not scrub it. Try to handle the base or root and not the top. Wrap it in a paper towel soaked in milk or water and place in a plastic container or resealable plastic bag.

A Final Thought

The time to find Children’s dentistry in Charleston or elsewhere to save a broken tooth is before your child’s tooth gets broken. If you live in the greater Charleston area and have questions about your child’s teeth, contact Charleston Smiles today by visiting