Save Money and Improve Your Lifestyle with Water Filter Installation in Delaware, OH

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Plumbing

Americans consume more than 10 billion gallons of bottled water per year, which breaks down to about 34 gallons of water per person, making the US one of the largest consumers of bottled water in the world. When asked why they prefer bottled water over tap water, respondents pointed to taste, health, convenience, and fashion trends. Compared to most of the world, American tap water is held to extremely tight health standards, and it is likely the healthiest tap water in the world. At more than 34 gallons of bottled water per year, assuming single bottle purchases at $1 per bottle, the average American could save around $350 per year on bottled water by switching to strictly tap water and a water filter installation.

Why Tap Water?

At an average cost of $2 per 1000 gallons, a gallon of tap water is about 1/600 the cost of a gallon of bottled water. As for the matter of taste, in blind taste tests in major US cities, tapwater ranked as high or higher in favorability to some of the top bottled water brands. Due to strict health and safety standards, tap water is extremely safe in the United States, and with a water filter installation, it is even safer. As for convenience, what could be more convenient than simply carrying around a reusable water bottle that you clean periodically and that you can refill at the nearest filtered tap? The fashion concern, it seems, is that drinking high-priced bottled water is a sign of a healthier lifestyle, when in fact, it isn’t healthier than filtered tap water and is arguably bad for the environment.

Why Not Try Tap Water Filtration?

Water filtration systems purify tap water by removing a number of biological contaminants including germs and bacteria, unhealthy solids suspended in water, and gases that are either suspended or dissolved in water. A water filtration system in your home can ensure that you get clean and safe water that tastes and feels healthy day after day. At a savings of over $350 per year, a filtration system can virtually pay for itself. For an affordable water filter installation in Delaware, OH, contact Discount Drains to see what they can do to purify your tap water.

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