Save Energy and Reduce Waste by Using High Speed Hand Dryers

Most companies want to save money and show their customers that they are environmentally friendly. In a society where going green can mean increasing your business verses losing money, it is wise to invest in money and energy saving products. You can reduce the amount of waste your company produces when you invest in fast hand dryers. Hand dryers in general save entrepreneurs money when it comes to cutting the cost of paper products that they must purchase at any given time. A lot of waste is involved with supplying paper towels to the public, not to mention the litter it can cause which is unhealthy for employees that are in charge of cleaning restrooms. High speed dryers that are automatic give a burst of warm air for up to ten seconds. This is long enough for customers and clients to thoroughly dry their hands without touching any germ carrying containers.

Quiet Hand Dryers Are Perfect for Businesses

When you have quiet hand dryers installed in your company’s public restroom, you are ensuring that the overall peace and quiet of your establishment is retained. Too often noisy hand dryers can be heard well after a bathroom door has shut. If you own a business that has many offices near a bathroom, noisy hand dryers can be annoying every time they run and abruptly shut off. The newer and quieter Hand Dryer Models make drying hands a quiet task that does not interrupt the ebb and flow of an office in a sound sensitive area.

Don’t Touch that Knob

Some people prefer not to touch a knob to start a hand dryer. Luckily newer hand dryer models come ready for action. They have a sensor in them that allows someone to move their hand beneath the nozzle to turn the air on. The gust of warm air lasts for ten to fifteen seconds before it quietly shuts off. Customers, clients and employees do not have to yell over loud hand dryers any more. Inevitably they end up yelling their conversation without meaning to when older versions of hand dryers shut off. This can disturb the peace of restaurants, salons, local shops, and business districts. When you are ready to purchase state-of-the-art hand dryers, make sure they have quiet induction motors that are easy to maintain, and they come with a no touch, automatic function.