Safety Lanyard Devices Provide Vital Safety for Field Workers

Professionals in the fall protection industry understand the extreme importance of utilizing the correct equipment to keep workers safe in the field who are working dangerous tasks on a continuous basis. A certain type of protection system that absorbs shock when a fault occurs is called a safety lanyard. This type of device helps workers who are carrying out tasks at heights of 6 feet or greater.

Fall Safety
When fall dangers or not as severe at heights lower in nature, certain devices are used to keep workers safe such as harnesses, lanyards, deceleration devices, and belts. Most the time these devices are used for restraining and positioning, but are not used specifically to keep workers safe at elevated heights.

OSHA publishes information regarding the use of a safety lanyard as a device preferred for the worker who needs shock absorption and restraint to minimize fall distance. This device has been tested and proven to promote the safety of workers, especially when a full body harness is used along with the lanyard.

Distribution of Force Across the Body
Workers can stay in position through the use of full body harnesses and perform the tasks they need to perform hands-free. This type of harness is necessary in order to keep the worker in a stationary position. The use of a harness with a shock absorbing lanyard allows force to be evenly distributed across the body and reduces the large arresting forces the body would otherwise absorb during a fall.

Lanyard Design Features
Whenever a lanyard is properly designed and manufactured it is somewhat short in length and made from webbing, rope, or stainless steel. These devices enable workers to remain safe in the event of a fall and also stretch with comfort. The worker’s activities are unhindered as the lanyard retracts and relaxes. These devices have elasticized webbing allowing them to expand to the required length.

If a worker is assigned a dangerous task at an elevated height above 6 feet, it is vital for the worker to use a safety lanyard during his or her operations. This device combined with a harness can avoid tragic accidents that sometimes involve loss of life.