Safeguard Documents, Identity With A Commercial Shredder In Dallas, TX

by | Dec 27, 2023 | Business

Commercial shredding is alive, well and necessary. Even small-to-medium size businesses are likely to produce more shreddable documentation than your average store-bought office shredder can handle.

When your daily output and, especially, your end of year finds you drowning in heaps of shreddable paperwork, it’s time to call the pros. Here’s what you should have shredded and why.

Copied Documents With Sensitive Info

Sensitive info might include old company training manuals full of trade secrets. Or it might include old, outdated blank HR forms and other forms best kept out of public circulation. A good rule of thumb is, if you can digitize it and encrypt it, do so. If you can shred it, do that, too.

Anything Containing Confidential Info

You’d be shocked at the mountains of physical paperwork even small companies toss annually. Think twice before tossing financial or human resources paperwork, no matter how old. Transfer it to a cloud, or shred it.It’s advisable to even shred your business’ assorted, miscellaneous paperwork: outdated address lists, old brochures, paper with retired company graphics and logos, etc. Some of this has a useful reincarnation as scrap, but most of it should be shredded.

Does Your Company Require Shredding?

Shredding is often necessary for compliance. In this era of tremendous connectivity, many companies compel departments and employees to shred paperwork routinely as a company-wide safety precaution.

Hire a Commercial Shredder in Dallas, TX

Consider competent, flexible third-party shredding to help you stay compliant. Commercial shredder in Dallas, TX have organized teams and powerful machines that can make easy work of the biggest, most challenging projects. For more info, visit Action Shred of Texas at

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